How to Clone a Phone: An Ultimate Guide

How to clone a Phone

How to Clone A Phone Remotely

The data on a phone can be easily cloned. It can be done in a variety of ways. When it comes to duplicating it remotely, though, things get a little more complicated.

If you have the phone you want to clone in your hand, you can clone its data using the built-in function or a USB cable. However, the true issue comes when you have to replicate its data without touching it. It’s the scenario in which the vast majority of apps, technologies, and individuals fail.

This is why the things I’ll tell you today will surprise you. You had no idea that such a thing existed. It does, however, exist, and it works really well. So here it is…


The Phone Clone App that Tests the Boundaries of Technology Cyber-prime is a phone cloning program unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It gives you access to every byte and bit of info on the target phone. The nicest aspect is that it doesn’t require you to be near your phone to work.

Not only that, but Cyber-Prime isn’t a one-time tool that you’ll have to set up every time you want to access the target device’s data. Once you’ve set it up, you’ll be able to access all of the info on the target phone whenever you want.

It can do a lot more than just give you the info from the target device thanks to its numerous functions. Here are a few of its highlights:


Videos and Photo Cloning: Cyber-prime can show you all the files, including images and movies, that are on the target device. You’ll be able to see what your children or significant others have been photographing with their cameras.

  • Monitor social media: You can monitor the person’s entire social media activity. This includes the people they’re speaking with, the topics they’re discussing, and everything they’re saying.
  • Monitor your browser: It also tells you what the other person is looking for on the internet. Not only that, but you can also restrict access to specific websites.
  • Monitor your whereabouts: Cyber-Prime can provide you with real-time location updates for the target phone. It can also provide you with recent locations as well as time stamps. You may even define the location’s bounds. You’ll receive an alert if your phone crosses these lines.

There are a slew of other cool capabilities, such as call tracking, message tracking, keylogging, and so on. But I’m not going to tell you about the fun part.

I’m sure you’re already eager to learn how it works. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait. Continue reading to learn how to use Cyber-Prime to clone a phone.

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When the target phone is an Android, Cyber-Prime behaves differently than when the phone is an iPhone. The Cyber-Prime app must be installed on the target phone if it is an Android phone.

It is not, however, owing to any Cyber-prime technical limitations. It’s simply due to the way Android phones are designed. The iCloud feature is not available on Android phones.

There is no app in the world that can remotely clone an Android’s data without requiring the destination device to install any software. Any tool that purports to be able to do so is merely out to con you or deceive you in order to acquire your clicks.

cloning made easy

However, there is some good news for you. The app on the target phone is set to run in stealth mode. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about the other user discovering your secret. This app will never appear in his app drawer. It can only be opened by you.

Additionally, Cyber-prime does not require you to root your Android phone in order to ensure that your data is protected and secured. Isn’t it amazing?

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Steps to Clone Android Phone Remotely:

  • Get a subscription plan for Android phones when you sign up for Cyber-Prime.
  • Simply follow the on-screen instructions. You will be guided through the full installation procedure via the setup wizard.
  • From the wizard’s URL, download the Cyber-Prime app on the target phone. Any permission that is required should be granted.
  • Once installed, you’ll have the option to put the app in stealth mode. It can be reactivated at a later time by dialing a secret code.
  • Press ‘Start’ to see all of the data from the target phone on your screen.


It’s hard to comprehend that a phone can be cloned without touching it. That’s understandable, given that an Android phone can’t do it.

It was also practically impossible for iOS phones. This is no longer impossible, thanks to programs like Cyber-prime (or even a tough task).

Cyber-Prime allows you to gain access to anyone’s iPhone without using a one-time password. All you need is the person’s iCloud account and password to complete the task.

These apps make advantage of the built-in cloud backup feature included on all iPhones and iPads. The phone data is uploaded to the iCloud server if this option is enabled.

These programs extract the data they need from the backup and upload it to their dashboard. As a result, you can use its convenient features to get this information.


Cloning a phone number is a clever way to listen in on someone’s conversations, messages, and other activities conducted through their mobile phone provider.

It is not an insurmountable task. Hack codes are included into every phone model, allowing the SIM to be unlocked. This indicates that the SIM card (and consequently the phone number) is vulnerable to cloning.

You can enter the hack code on the device that holds the original phone number once you get it. The code unlocks the menu’s hidden features.

The Electronic Serial Number is a number found on the secret menu. Simply copy this electronic serial number and enter it as the electronic serial number for the phone that does not have a phone number.

While it is conceivable, it is clearly not a straightforward task. It can take a long time to comprehend, let alone implement, this method.

As a result, I would recommend adopting surveillance software such as Cyber-Prime in its place.


Clone a SIM card and use it to impersonate the person who owns it.

You can listen in on their phone calls once you’ve cloned it. You can even exploit the user’s identity to make phone calls.

Cloning a SIM card, on the other hand, is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, the numerous cloning methods currently available need you to perform a significant amount of technical labor.

Having this, the ideal option to SIM Card Cloning is to use a phone spying program like Cyber-Prime.

As I previously stated, Cyber-Prime includes a call tracking feature. You might be able to entirely avoid SIM Card copying if you use this module.

You can use it to see if the user is making or receiving any calls. It also records the phone calls and you listen in on what the person is saying.

Evidently, it’s more practical than cloning a SIM card.


Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about cloning a phone, I recommend you get started right away before you forget anything I taught you.

Pick one of the techniques from the list I’ve provided. I’d use programs like Cyber-Prime if I were you. They are low-maintenance and can handle all technical issues on their own.

That’s the kind of life I prefer. If you’re anything like me, these applications are a must-have.

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