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Okay, you might be confused about that title. What are the words “trusted hackers for hire” doing together in a sentence? Well, hackers are basically everywhere these days. You do not necessarily have to delve into the deepest, darkest reaches of the World Wide Web before you can hire a hacker nowadays.

Of course, there are different kinds of hackers that are available for hire and they all have different skill sets. In the movies, you get to see white hat hackers that drink only soda and one specific type of sandwich that are employed by government agencies to break into all kinds of places and institutions. Finding these kinds of hackers is not as far difficult as you might think, and so is locating their counterparts on the other side.

Basically, whatever you are looking for, you will get. There are platforms like Fiverr and Upwork that advertise the services of ethical hackers for only a few dollars. You might be wondering at this point why anyone would require the services of a hacker in the first instance.

Why you may need a Hacker

Nowadays, organizations are more concerned about their online privacy, the security of their networks, and even safeguarding their data.  This is even more pertinent now that people are working from home and a lot of important information is being sent and received on networks. Here are some reasons why you might need a hacker, as a company or an individual:

Defensive Strategy

There are very smart data thieves and sloppy users out there, and companies and institutions need to protect themselves. Hiring hackers to conduct penetration testing is a great way to detect vulnerabilities in the systems and processes of organizations before the real hacker bad guys find them.

Companies hire white-hat hackers to do their utmost best to get into their systems so inconsistencies can be exposed. This is a great defensive strategy for any organization.

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Helps with Reducing Loss

Not only will hiring a white-hat hacker help to detect loopholes in the cyber security of organizations, which will reduce loss in case of an attack, they are also useful in stopping ongoing attacks.  They are also great at fixing problems, faster than most other professionals.

Personal email and social media account hacking

It is not uncommon for spouses to investigate their significant other to find out if they are cheating. Hackers are usually hired to sneak into their social media accounts including Skype, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, and so on, gaining access to their data.

Email hacking is probably one of the most common reasons that people and organizations hire hackers. You might lose or forget the login details to your email and need to gain access. A hacker can easily break into the account and restore access to you. Some do this by sending phishing emails, but that is not the most effective way.

Content removal service

Hackers are useful for anyone that wants to remove any kind of content from the internet or from a website. This service is especially useful when unwanted videos or pictures are leaked online.

Stay Ahead of The Game

Hackers are conversant with the latest trends in cyber security. Cyber attacks keep getting more and more sophisticated and to protect against them, you must have up-to-date information and systems which hackers would have.

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Types of Hackers

Before going ahead to hire hackers, it is a good idea to understand the different types that are out there. It will help you make a more informed decision and also aid you in keeping your goals in mind. Here are some of these types of hackers:

Script Kiddies

These are among the lowest tier in the hacker hierarchy. They are usually young and tech-savvy who are mostly there for exploring and testing their abilities. They are not so interested in performing targeted attacks. Their brilliance usually reveals itself in trial and error, they discover redundancies and vulnerabilities accidentally.

White-Hat Hackers

They are also known as ethical hackers and are usually much more skilled than script kiddies and are more respected. Hackers in this category usually have the respect of the general public because they are typically not associated with nefarious or criminal activities. Their focus, really, is using their considerable skill set to benefit businesses, individuals, and the community as a whole.

Black-Hat Hackers

They are the direct opposite of white-hat hackers. They are more interested in using their hacking skills to cause havoc and break laws. Black-hat hackers hack for their own specific gain, and they usually target financial institutions and corporate bodies.

Suicide Hackers

These are usually associated with terrorist organizations. They tend to target government agencies or popular public corporations and their attacks are usually politically motivated. 

Vetting a Hacker

Probably the most important factor to be considered when hiring a hacker is if they can be trusted. It is a no-brainer that anyone that needs the services of a hacker would want one that they can trust. Nobody wants to give someone that much access to their systems without being absolutely certain that they will not cause more harm than good. This risk is real and should be appropriately evaluated, Here are some things to take note of:

The organization’s needs

There are some pertinent questions that should be asked here. What are the goals of the organization? Do they want to hire a hacker to test the readiness of their staff for a cyber attack emergence? Or is it to detect any vulnerability in the system? Knowing these goals ahead of time will be helpful in hiring the right kind of hacker.

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Reference checks

It may be a good idea to consult with a professional human resources outfit at this stage. It is necessary to conduct proper vetting of the potential hackers that could be hired. This process should include thorough background checks, references from previous employers, and character reference verification. These checks should be as thorough as they can be, after all, the security of your organization is at stake.

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Assessing skill set

Here is another part of the process that requires some oversight. The technical leaders in the organization can come together to assess the skills of the hackers for hire or hacking service. Knowledge of software and hardware devices is necessary, including an understanding of the policies and systems of the organization.

Legal Considerations

It is a good idea to involve the legal team in all vetting processes. This is because the hackers performing the ethical hacking process are agents of the organization, which makes the organization liable for any damage caused by the hacking.  Having legal oversight is also needed so as to monitor the white-hat hackers, therefore, minimizing damage to the organization’s property and reducing liability.

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How much do trusted hacker for hire cost?

Hack for hire is obviously a market that is increasing in potential and is not going anywhere anytime soon. There are many kinds of jobs that hackers can do for the average individual or company.  Of course, these jobs would cost you anything ranging from a few dollars to thousands of dollars depending on what the job is. 

Hackers can gain access to anything from email accounts, to bank accounts, to credit cards, to reward points credit. According to SecureWorks,  it costs an average of $10 dollars to have a hacker get you 10,000 hotel reward points. What about frequent flyer miles? 200,000 miles starts from $60. 

For Social Media

For social media accounts, the prices are a bit steeper. Getting access to an Instagram account would cost anything from $129 according to SecureWorks. For corporate emails, the price starts at $500 per mailbox, and for other mail clients including Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail, you can gain access for about $129.

For those that need phone hacking done (either Android or iPhone), there are hacker apps that can do that. Of course, like most apps, they have trial versions that you won’t have to pay for, but for the best service, a subscription is charged. For a cell phone hack, hackers generally charge $500 to $5000. This can be done remotely, as opposed to the apps that would require gaining physical access to the target device.

Interestingly, Facebook encourages hacking of its platform. The only caveat is that you need to tell them what you found. They do this so they can be on top of bugs that are hiding in the platform and they call it the Bug Bounty program. They typically pay between $500 to $3,000 as prize money for finding these bugs, but in 2017,  Fortune reported that a Russian researcher was paid $40,000 for discovering an ingenious bug that allowed malware to hide in images.

Final Words

A lot has been said about hacking, the different types that are available, how much it costs, and how to make sure you are hiring a trusted hacker. In all of this, the one thing to remember is that if you are in the market for trusted hacker for hire, being thorough about vetting and knowing exactly what you want will go a long way in giving you exactly what you are looking for.

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